Family Businesses

At Blunden and Associates we provide a full range of family business consulting services. We understand the special needs of both family run businesses and business families.  By focusing on you both as a business and as a family we will provide practical advice and solutions in the following areas:

  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Governance
  • Boards of Advisors
  • Family Councils

Succession Planning

The most crucial element of a family business is having an established succession plan in order to transfer the business to the next generation.  Let Blunden and Associates family business consultants help prepare you for succession and the long-term success of your business.

Strategic Planning

Family businesses have many special strategic planning requirements.  Blunden and Associates family business consultants are aware of the unique challenges and benefits of a family-run business and can help you create an effective and integrated strategic plan.

Conflict Resolution

Separating family from business can be difficult. Let one of Blunden and Associates’ consultants help you resolve or avoid conflict in the family and the business. We can help your family business get back on the road to success.


Effective family businesses have appropriate governance structures and processes. Blunden and Associates can help you put them in place for your family and business.

Boards of Directors or Boards of Advisors

Well-run family businesses that plan to be successful in the long run have Boards of Directors or Boards of Advisors with outside directors or advisors on them. These structures help keep the business issues in the business and family issues out of the business. Blunden and Associates can help you establish an appropriate board and help you attract and select appropriate outsiders to contribute to your board.

Family Councils

Family Councils can provide a forum for the family to come together and decide what the family’s values and wishes are for the family and the business. As such the family council can provide direction to the business board and a way for the extended family to build and retain family harmony.